Cleveland, Ohio.  July 2016.

One thing was clear.  We're all in this together.  

There was a lot of noise, a lot of thought, and a lot of feels.

But, underneath the opinions, one things was clear; we're all in this together.

We all have a place.

We all have struggles, hopes, and messes.

We all love ice cream and tacos, that new car smell, and back yard family bar-b-q's. 

We all love someone else, want to love someone else, or lost the someone else we love.

We all have things that matter, that hide underneath our politics, that keep us up at night, and that are worth living for.

We are more than our opinions, more than our parties, and more than our candidates.

Government is a structure, not an identity.  

We're all in this together, and we are not as divided as they say we are.

Our time at the Republican National Convention was well documented in the blog, How To Listen When You Disagree  , but there's more to learn.

Check out this video and you'll see first hand what it was like to be in Public Square--the center of it all--listening to voices usually left unheard, being with people often overlooked, and taking part in one of the most exciting times in our election season.

I know you're wondering:  yes, we were at the Democrat National Convention as well. Our volunteers reported many of the same experiences we experienced at the RNC.  Voices unsilenced in peaceful expression.  A beautiful representation of who we can be when we allow ourselves to be it.

A side note, well, maybe the main note: this would not have happened without the support of three people.

Kay Lindhal.  Kay was the catalyst for bringing an active listening presence to the conventions.  Her wisdom, insights, and love for humanity continues to inspire the entire world wide Urban Confessional movement.  

Pearce Godwin. Pearce is the founder of the Listen First Project. Promoting a "Listen First, Vote Second" message, their work is perhaps the most relevant in this political season. Without his guidance, Urban Confessional would have been on shaky ground at the convention. 

Mu Sun.  Mu made this video.  He's a dedicated filmmaker, compassionate listener, and a friend.  He's experience echoed and shaped my understanding of what I heard.  Without him, this would have all been impossible, unbearable, and less elegant. 

Thank you for listening.